Dear colleagues – visitors of the portal!

    I welcome you and hope that everyone will find the necessary information about the Institute, which will be of interest not just to you, but also practically useful.

    Our work – post-graduate training for practical medicine. We are doing it now for 80 years, and throughout the long history of our team continues improving the structure and direction of the Institute. Today TIPME offer any physician specialty newest advanced knowledge of medicine. For this Institute has exhaust educational technologies and experience of training – from general practitioners to senior health care.

    The training is based on the following assumption: the graduate medvuza, much less the practitioner must have thought a scientist, as a manager, medical knowledge and practical skills.

    Most important for our team is the quality of education, so it is different depth submit information and variety of knowledge. This not only contributes to excellent knowledge of the staff and the latest in traditional methods of work, but also an excellent technical equipment, modern equipment of our clinical database.

    In addition to providing specific knowledge, we are trying to convince the audience (and, of course, to help them) that permanent education – a key point of medical postgraduate education. It is regular (daily) own efforts, rather than the passage of time in the five-year cycle improvements are key to professional competence. Moreover, in some disciplines (eg, internal medicine) is not possible to provide quality health care, not being aware of the latest advances in medicine. It’s no wonder the Chinese are wise keep repeating: “Learn – is like rowing upstream: just stop – and drives you back.”

Your suggestions, comments and suggestions to optimize the performance of our team will be welcomed and appreciated. 

Regards D.M.Sabirov