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      During the years of independence, a propaganda system has been formed to strengthen the spiritual and educational foundations of society, implement the basic concepts and principles of national independence, increase a sense of responsibility and responsibility for the fate and future of our country. to strengthen ideological immunity against other people's ideas. It should be noted that in this process, the Republican Center for Spiritual Education, its local structures and the National Scientific and Practical Center of Ideas and Ideology have done some work.

     All spiritual and educational activities carried out at the Center for Advanced Training of Medical Personnel are aimed at increasing the political and legal culture of professors, researchers, clinical residents and administrative personnel, as well as students, enriching their spiritual world and further expanding the scope of activities. thinking is aimed at improving.

     Living with a sense of belonging to the life of our society, being a mature doctor and specialist, and striving to become a perfect person with a spiritual world is a characteristic feature of all medical professionals. Therefore, to know the masterpieces of the world, literature and art, to analyze history, to express their attitude to politics, to work and create on the path of achieving peace, tranquility and prosperity in society belongs only to people of high morality. In this sense, well-known literary figures, poets and writers, prominent scientists and statesmen, masters of art take part in the events held at our institute. The youth of the center and medical cadets from different regions of the country will take an active part in these events and in the future will shape their worldview. The performances of theaters operating in the capital on the stage of the institute will make a huge impression on the participants and enrich their spiritual world. Spirituality days and various events are held in our center every month. These events encourage the team to work together for the prosperity and development of our institute and call for new milestones with the active participation of faculty, staff, graduate students and clinical residents. The curriculum of all departments of the center includes 6 hours of spiritual and educational classes. During these hours, professors and associate professors of the department conduct classes and lectures on the creativity of the President, state policy, medical spirituality, the idea of ​​a perfect person, the idea of ​​national independence. The administration, the dean's office, the trade union, the Council of Veterans, the Women's Committee and the primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan are actively involved in organizing spiritual and educational events at the highest level.