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Rector's greeting

Dear Colleagues, visitors of our Portal!

     I am sincerely glad for your visit to our portal. I think that during your acquaintance with our portal, you will receive the necessary information about our institute, and I hope this information will not only be interesting for you, but also useful.

   Our activities are aimed at training medical professionals in the field of postgraduate education. We have been doing this work for over 85 years and continue to improve the structure of the institute and its activities throughout the long history of our team. Currently, TIPME can offer advanced medical knowledge to a doctor of any specialty.

     Our institute has extensive experience in training specialists from general practitioners to doctors of the highest governing bodies of health care.

       The training is based on the following principle: a graduate of a medical school, in particular a practitioner, must have scientific understanding, management skills, medical knowledge and practical skills.

       The quality of our training is very important to our team, that is why it is distinguished by the depth of available information and the variety of information delivered. This is facilitated not only by the deep knowledge and competence of our employees, but also by the availability of clinical bases with modern diagnostic equipment.

  Along with providing specific knowledge, we strive to persuade trainees to enrich their knowledge permanently, which is important aspect of postgraduate medical education. It is well known that it is impossible to provide qualified medical care without being familiar with the latest achievements of modern medicine. The clever Chinese never tired of repeating the words: "Teaching is like a canoe against the stream, and it will take you back when you stop."

     Your wishes, opinion and suggestions will help improve teamwork and will certainly be appreciated.


Best regards, Rector of the Institute, prof. Kh.A. Akilov.