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"Independence Day continues"
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"Independence Day continues"

Department of Spirituality and Education

     Tahskent                                                                                           26.08.2021

   August 26, 2021 at 17:00 in the conference hall of the Research Center of TATI (Tashkent Institute of Information Technology) in Mirzo Ulugbek district of Tashkent with the participation of a number of employees of the Republican Institute of Culture and Arts A solemn event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of independence of our great and dear homeland was held, and I am the person in charge of spirituality and enlightenment in the neighborhood - Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education 2 - Professor of Internal Medicine AB Fozilov spoke about the great victories in the creation of "New Uzbekistan", which has passed the Republic for 30 years, on the topic "Let's live freely and prosperously in the new Uzbekistan." Then, at the request of the chairman of our mahalla Pulatov Fakhriddin Muhiddinovich, I was assigned to conduct this solemn meeting.

     The meeting was attended by the head of a number of national singing departments of the Institute of Culture and Arts of the Republic - Honored Artist of Uzbekistan KKAR Khairulla Lutfullayev and an employee of the same department - Honored Artist of Uzbekistan and KKAR Ahmadjon Shukurov and the senior teacher of the department - singer Mamurjon Abdullaev.

    Kutlibeka Rahimboboeva, a member of our mahalla, an honored cultural worker of the Republic, and a member of the republican magazine "Saodat" also took part in the event.

   They told about the development of the Republic and their way of life, and enjoyed the poems they wrote and the songs they composed.

   There was play, laughter, dancing, and poetry. At the end of the evening, a number of residents were given a letter of thanks for their active participation in the spiritual and educational work of the neighborhood.





Head of the department                                                Maksudova Sh.R.

Methodist of the department                               Khaydarova A.Kh.