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Museum Month!
27.06.2022    07:39 193 Чоп этиш

Tashkent                                                                               June, 2022


Today, the role of museums in studying the history of our country is important, in raising awareness among the population. Museums serve to study our history, compare past and present life and make correct conclusions about the development of our society. Museums are places of special scientific and educational significance.

In the modern scientific classification, museums differ in type and subject matter. Our country has museums of history, natural history, art history, literature, technology and medicine.

In this regard, the Center for Advanced Studies of Medical Professionals announced May as "Month of Museums" to make the days of spirituality more interesting and meaningful.

All faculties of the center and their students visited the Museum of Health of Uzbekistan for a month, depending on the profile.

The most important form of audience engagement is a guided tour. Therefore, the deans of faculties, staff and cadets who visited the museum received interesting and informative information from the guides responsible for the tour of the museum.

The history of all the exhibits of the museum, medical equipment and instruments from different periods were presented.

The staff and students of the center visited not only the museum of their business, but also the State Museum of the History of the Temurids.

At the same time, a number of faculty deans, department staff and students organized visits to open-air museums, art museums and writers' parks in Tashkent.

All planned visits to the Month of Museums, which took place connection with the Days of Spirituality, took place at the center, and we believe that this will be a positive and creative impetus for the industry, not only now, but in the future.