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Minutes of the event dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Honored worker of healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan, holder of the Order of Labor Glory, Head of the Department of Healthcare, Professor Damin Abdurakhmonovich Asadov.


In the opening ceremony of the event, the dean of the faculty of "Management and healthcare" Magrupov Bakhodir Asadullaevich made his opening speech.


Bakhodir Asadullaevich introduced everyone with the biography of Damin Abdurakhimovich Asadov:

Asadov Damin Abdurakhimovich, born in 1940, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Head of the Department of “Public Health. Healthcare Management" of the Tashkent Institute Of Postgraduate Medical Education, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine.

A special place in the work biography of D.A. Asadov is occupied by his scientific and organizational activities in the healthcare system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. During his work as the head of the medical service of the city of Angren, he achieved significant success in organizing activities of medical and preventive institutions by introducing innovative management methods and establishing effective interaction with local authorities. The Ministry of Health of the former USSR recognized Angren as a city with efficient and high-quality medical care provided to the population. 

D.A. Asadov is acknowledged by medical society leader of the scientific direction “Public health. Organization and management of healthcare". He enriched medical science and the healthcare industry with personal obtained achievements and active participation in the collective development of the most important scientific and practical problems. He has published over 400 scientific and practical articles, including 75 in reputable foreign journals, 17 monographs, more than 30 textbooks.

D.A. Asadov is the founder and head of the scientific school of healthcare organizers. They trained 16 doctors and 23 PhD and medical sciences, another 5 doctoral theses under his supervision are being researched now. For many years, he has  assembled talented, hardworking, young specialists with addiction to scientific work, which effectively working under his leadership on the problems of reforming the healthcare system. His numerous students are successfully working in the management bodies of the healthcare system and leading republican medical centers.


D.A. Asadov conducts extensive editorial and publishing work. He is a scientific consultant and chairman of the editorial board of the monthly journal for executives of healthcare institutions "Organization and management of healthcare", a member of the editorial board of "Medical journal of Uzbekistan", as well as the founder and member of the editorial board of the journal "Pediatrics".

The multifaceted and productive activity of D.A. Asadov was appreciated by the state. Upon Presidential Decree D.A. Asadov was awarded with Mehnat shuhrati" order. He was declared as an "Excellent Worker of Public Health", he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Healthcare Worker".

D.A. Asadov, being a highly qualified figure in medical science, a brilliant teacher, a respected mentor of healthcare system managers, an experienced practitioner in the field of healthcare organization, purposeful, demanding of himself and others, responsible for performed work, has high reputation among the teaching staff and students of the institute.

In the main part of the event Professor Daming Abdurahimovich Asadov took a speech with his presentation Dedicated to Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №4890 dated November 12, 2020. The professor also answered to all relevant questions.

In the lyrical part of the event, a journalist, Editor-in-Chief of the Mahalla radio channel, singer Akilova Kibrie Muratovna performed her songs and wished everyone a Happy New Year .



              All participants actively participated and asked their questions from our guests and received basic answers.

It should be noted that the event was held at the highest level by the staff of the Faculty of Management and Healthcare . 



Head of the department "Manaviyat ma'rifat"                  Maksudova Sh.R.


Methodist of the department "Manaviyat ma'rifat"   Khaydarova A.Kh.