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As long as there is memory, the nation is alive, Pride is alive, glory is alive.
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As long as there is memory, the nation is alive,

Pride is alive, pride is alive.

Memory is the power that makes the country

Memory is the light of tomorrow.


Memory is an expression of high respect and reverence for ancestors. Man is alive with memory, great in dignity. In this regard, the leadership of the Center for Advanced Training of Medical Workers, the trade union committee, deans of faculties, the administration and the staff of the center congratulated the veterans on the Day of Remembrance of Honor and Dignity on May 9.

A group of leading specialists, professors and associate professors of the Department of Ophthalmology congratulated the head of the department, professor "Hero of Uzbekistan" Khalidzhon Muhammadzhonovich Kamilov.

The central trade union presented a valuable gift to the family of the deceased in memory of the late O. Alimardonov to the assistant of the UZD department who worked in Zangiotinsky TTB during the pandemic.

The attention paid to ensuring the interests of the people in our country demonstrates such immortal values and priceless spiritual qualities of our people. We believe that such traditions of the center will continue for many years to come, and the memory of our great teachers will always be kept with dignity.